AxiomLED AXLE9 lights Pizza Hut in South America

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AxiomLED manufactures high performance, low cost, high quality LED Lighting Systems and power supplies for signage and for conventional lighting.

Our products last longer, are more energy efficient and usually pay for themselves in reduced maintenance and energy saving in under 12 months.

We are a UL Safety approved manufacturer of systems for signage and lighting. AxiomLED products are manufactured in Southern California and Taiwan.

The company's white LED products have been used on some of the highest profile lighting projects around the world
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Top Sellers

AXLE9-SW40 Einstein's White LED
Our Price: $3.95
Our Price: $2.00
AXLE9-SW65 White LED
Our Price: $1.25

AxiomLED power supplies are the most rugged in the industry. The weatherproof design allows to be used in virtually any environment. Come see our most popular products

60 Watt | 12VDC | 90-277VAC input
UL Recognized | CE | ROHS