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AxiomLED Lighting Used to Replace Fluorescent at Auckland New Zealand Airport

The Auckland International Airport used AxiomLED on its large format canvas light boxes to evaluate the cost savings of moving from fluorescent to LED lighting.  This is the most viewed sign in the whole country as it is the first sign you see when you enter the country through the Duty Free Shop.

Replace fluorescent bulbs used in signage at the Auckland New Zealand International Airport with AxiomLED AX Series white LED Series.

Show that AxiomLED system is as bright as fluorescent, lower cost than fluorescent, lower power consumption, and more eco-friendly and environmentally aware than fluorescent alternative.

Step 1 - Estimating LED Usage

The sign company sent Axiom an outline of what was being used for the sign at the Duty Free entrance at Auckland International Airport. This retail location is the #1 visited retail location in the entire country and is seen more than any other sign.

The sign measured 3.6 meters Wide (141 inches) x 3.4 meters High (139" Tall). Drawing provided based on fluorescent layout is shown to the right.  There was a total of 63 pieces of 4 foot fluorescent tubes originally used. AxiomLED suggested using one (1) line of the AXLE Series module run horizontally for the 3.6 meter width or 24 LED modules.  We suggested 15 rows spaced evenly apart from top to bottom of the sign.  A total of 180 linear feet or 360 pcs (2 LED modules per linear foot) of AXLE Series White LED parts were used.  Each LED module cost $2.95 USD each.

Step 2 - Wiring and Installing the Sign

The installation took very little time and basically consisted of attaching the LED modules to the back of the cabinet.  There was no installation of fluorescent tombstone holders, no screwing or riveting.  Every 2 rows of 24 LED modules was driven off of one (1) 60 Watt power supply. AxiomLED PS60HS12 (90-277VAC input, 12VDC output) 

power supplies were mounted on the sides of the cabinet sign for easy access for possible future maintenance and servicing.  A total of 8 power supplies were used. Each power unit cost $35 USD each.

Step 3 - Applying Digital Media and Turning it On

The photo below speaks for itself as well as showing how large the sign is - see below for further information.

Key Take Away Data

  • Lower Cost - AxiomLED system is lower overall installed cost than fluorescent. You can expect about a 5-10% savings in materials and labor cost.
  • Brighter - The AxiomLED system measured greater than 275 foot candles on the surface of the sign and was brighter than the fluorescent system which measured an average of 160 foot candles.
  • Lower Power - AxiomLED system was only 360 LED modules at 1.0 Watts each or 360 Watts to light this sign versus 63 Fluorescent bulbs at 32 Watts each or 2016 watts. About 1/4 the power!!!
  • Longer Lifetime - AxiomLED lifetime has a lumen maintenance or LM80 that means it will be 80% of original brightness after 50,000 hours compared to fluorescent which is only 8,000 hours
  • Environmentally Safe - AxiomLED system contains no mercury or environmentally hazardous materials whereas fluorescent has harmful mercury which has been shown to cause mental disorders including Autism.