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AXLE9-SW65 White LED Used in Award Winning Halo Lit New Zealand Sign

Auckland New Zealand - May 21, 2012

AxiomLED’s AXLE9-SW65 White LED technology was the lighting technology used in the award winning Spitting Feathers pub sign installed in Auckland New Zealand.  The creative acrylic sign is created by layering finely cut pieces of acrylic the interlock like legos and are both front and halo lit by the high brightness low cost AxiomLED technology that incorporates the globally recognized Nichia of Japan LEDs.

The LED modules are applied to the back of the acrylic pieces with the pre-applied tape and the light shines against the wall to create both a halo effect as well as the light to make the sign glow.

The sign was created by Louey Signs of Auckland New Zealand and was awarded the Silver Medal by the New Zealand Sign and Display Association (NZSDA).  The iconic sign was installed prior to the Rugby World cup in New Zealand and was a draw for tourist visiting from England who have a similar pub back in the UK.

AxiomLED continues to expand its presence in New Zealand and has been used extensively on major chain retrofits as well as individual pub signs such as Spitting Feathers.