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Convenience Store Chain Upgrades Lighting Inside and Out

Tallahassee, Florida - USA - 

PAN Food Stores, a chain of convenience stores, has reduced its maintenance and energy bills by switching its overhead interior lighting from fluorescent to AxiomLED Troffer Retrofit Kit systems

The AxiomLED system puts out 10-20% more light output than fluorescent, is 50-60% more efficient, and has a lifetime of 10-12 years in this type of application.

PAN Food stores evaluated various color temperatures of AxiomLED products that ranged from cool white 5000 Kelvin retrofit kits to warmer 4000 Kelvin retrofit kits.

PAN Food also replaced its exterior under canopy metal halide lighting systems on its gas stations with AxiomLED retrofit kits that work with the existing metal halide ballast and decrease power consumption from 250 Watts to 75 Watts.

The AxiomLED Retrofit Kit systems for overhead fluorescent lighting can be found on the company online store at: Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

The Metal Halide Retrofit Kits for 250 Watt and 400 Watt Metal Halide systems are located here:

For additional information see the AxiomLED retrofit kits visit the AxiomLED website: Buy Online