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AxiomLED Replaces Fluorescent in TESCO Czech Republic Signage

AxiomLED continues to expand its global reach in by becoming the light behind prominent JENA-nabytek signage on the TESCO Shopping Center in the Czech Republic.  JENA - nabytek, s.r.o. specializes in selling a complete range of household furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture and home accessories. AxiomLED has a continuing successful 

track record of being the light behind some of the biggest brands around the world. 

The AxiomLED AXLE series of white LED modules is the longest lifetime LED product on the market.  In independent testing the AXLE type product has proven to last longer than GE LED or SloanLED and is a mere fraction of the cost. 

At under $3 USD per linear foot the Axiom AXLE series is also the lowest cost product on the market.