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AxiomLED is the Blue Light on top of Chevron Gas Stations

AxiomLED was chosen by LSI Graphic Solutions Plus in Houston, Texas to be the primary supplier of Blue LED lighting used to light the canopy of the Chevron Gas Stations throughout the USA.

The Axiom AXLE Series Blue LED was used to downwash the canopy of each gas station with a wash of blue LED light. The Nichia Blue LED components were used by AxiomLED to ensure long lifetime in extreme high temperature applications like Las Vegas and Phoenix.

The AxiomLED AXLE Series LED is rated for Wet Location use and sits exposed from view from below.  

Next time you are at a Chevron station, look up and see where AxiomLED is used.

For a reference on AxiomLED performance please contact LSI in Houston, Texas and ask for Jerry Davis.