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Replace Metal Halide with AxiomLED Retrofit Kits 

The AxiomLED Metal Halide LED Retrofit Kits are designed to retrofit existing parking lot, pole light, and gas station canopy lighting without replacing or modifying the UL listed light fixture. 

The AxiomLED AXMH Systems only use Nichia of Japan LM80 proven and tested components and are designed to be used by the lighting service professional who wants a low cost flexible high performance system that can be used to retrofit any style metal halide fixture.

The kits work off existing metal halide inductors/transformers and are designed for high heat applications.



The light output of the AxiomLED retrofit systems are designed to be comparable light levels to metal halide lamps used in conventional “Shoe Box” type fixtures.  We have retrofit kits for various power/intensity levels of light.


The AxiomLED Metal Halide Retrofit kits feature the benefit of instantly turning on and can be used in conjunction with line voltage motion detector systems.  This setup can be used to further reduce power consumption while simultaneously providing ample lighting when needed in applications like Colleges or Universities when students are walking campuses late at night.  There is no warm up for the AxiomLED systems.

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Axiom LED 250W Metal Halide Retrofit Kit
Our Price: $225.00

LED Metal Halide Retrofit System
Axiom LED 400W Metal Halide Retrofit Kit
Our Price: $360.00

LED Metal Halide Retrofit System